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Ynystawe Primary School Way of teaching and learning

In Ynystawe Primary School they don't separate the different areas in different lessons taught by different teachers. Most of the time the same teachers stay in the same class teaching all the subjects to the same pupils. 
Every Thursday, year 5 and 6 pupils have 'Forest School' (if the weather allows them to do so) and on Mondays they do PE. That's all the timetable they have. Then, some days they learn more about Sciences linked with literacy or with art and some others they learn about Mathematics linked with art as well. To sum up,  they work in a cross curricular way so that the pupils make strong connections in their brains between all the aspects that they are learning.
They don't use textbooks but lots of  reading books, photocopiable resources, ICT, etc. 
They only have two notebooks: One for Maths, another one for Language and a kind of Portfolio where they keep all the works they have done. Here you have a link to a document parents receive at the beginning of each term so that they are informed of what their children will be doing. Newsletter
As you can see, they work the whole term around one 'Leonardo Theme':
  • Air/Flight
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire

In that document you can also see how homework is addressed.

Here you have what I think is a great example of teaching Maths,  Literature and Art all together in one task:

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