miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016

Learning about Salamanca

Yesterday I was working with a group of pupils from Year 5 and 6. I showed them the poster that some pupils from my school in Salamanca had done. I brought it in my suitcase with some leaflets from Salamanca so that they know a bit more about it.
They were researching with their Ipads to find the answers to these questions:

They also found out many other things for example that in Salamanca there aren't many big parks but that there are a lot of pools and historical buildings.
They were having a look at the city with Google maps, street view.

Then, I asked them to make a similar poster about their school and their city so that I can take it back to Spain. We will show you the result when it's finished!

Thanks to Maide and to Year 6 Pupils in my school for their nice job!

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