martes, 8 de marzo de 2016

First Day in Ynystawe School

Yesterday I flew from Madrid to Bristol. I spent my first night there and then this morning I took a train to Swansea. It was cloudy and rainy this morning as you can see, usual British weather.

Whenever I travel to a foreign country, signals usually catch my attention, it is a way of learning new vocabulary. This morning at the hotel, I took a photo of this one. I think I can make a similar one for my classroom!

 Then, when I arrived to Swansea, one of the teachers, Alison, picked me up and took me to the house where I am staying. It is a lovely old house, look at my cosy room!

Eventually, I got to Ynystawe Primary School. I am just impressed by the way everything is done there, so I can't sum it all up today.
It was a special day since they had an Open Doors evening for teachers from other schools. It was a great opportunity so that all of them knew our Eramus + projects, both KA1 and KA2:

And here you have some examples of the activities that took place there. I will explained them on the following days.

It has been a lovely welcome. Congratulations to all the staff in Ynystawe Primary School for all your work.

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  1. Nice comments! Keep telling us about it! Enjoy a lot, Mercedes. Best regards to Alison and the rest.