martes, 15 de marzo de 2016

Nursery and reception

Here you have some activities that they do in Nursery and Reception Years. They work in the same classroom but then they split for some activities. On Friday for example, Reception pupils went out to the Forest School while the smaller ones stayed inside doing some phonics. 

Here they were learning some Welsh vocabulary about weather:

Forest School
We went outside wearing wellies and coats and we played some games like " Ring on a string". Here you have how it works:
  • Arrange the children in a circle with one child in the centre.
  • The children hold a circle of string onto which a ring is threaded.
  • The centre child closes his eyes and counts silently up to twenty. 
  • While he is doing this, the children in the circle slide the ring from hand to hand around the string concealing it under their hands.
  • When the child in the middle has reached twenty, he opens his eyes and tries to spot which player is holding the ring. 
  • If he guesses correctly, the player holding the ring changes places with him. If not, the child stays in the centre.
Then we played another one: " The Blanket Name Game". Here you have a video where you can see how it works:

Then, we went to a small forest they have just next to the playground so that they don't even have to go out of the school. There, the kids had to look for fairies that were hidden there. They were so excited when they found them!

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