sábado, 19 de marzo de 2016

Art technique- Screen Printing

At Ynystawe Primary School they implement "The Leonardo Effect". One of the main points of it is that they synchornise the teaching of Science and Art. 
I have discovered the astonishing techniques they use in art. 

The first one is Screen Printing. It is quite a long process and you need very specific materials for it. 
Here you have video of how it works although at the school they don't make the screens, some experts came to school with them ready for the printing.

Pupils first created an image on the Ipad with the App Sketchbook. Then the experts printed them on the screens, and then they bought them to the school to make the painting. They had to put some crepe paper on a kind of cardboard. The last step was the screen painting in itself.


Here I have found a set that you can buy to make this wonderful technique.
 Screen Printing Set

More photos of the process:
This pinture below represents some cells, and that is the connection between Science and Art.

As you can imagine, kids loved it and they were engaged in the whole process as you can see in the photo below.

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