martes, 13 de septiembre de 2016

The Dalton Method

While observing  the lesson symmetry-using-lego-more-to-math-and mirrors
Nthe images I share with you below called my attention. Taasks, routines, etc.; are represented through images and clocks where students can clearly see the time require to carry them out.

This is the timer they use. I love this way of working with time, as I constantly use the stopwatch in class. However, I did not know this method.

This is another idea I liked very much. The red light means that students are not allow to ask any question; the yellow one allows them to ask questions to other students; and finally, the green light means that student can ask the teacher. To my surprise, when the light is green, very few questions are asked to the teacher. As a conclusion, I think students are working more autonomously and are less dependent on the teacher. 

In the following image you can find a summary of this way of working (taken from VISUALIZING DALTON). Hope you find it useful. I think I will try it with my young learners when I am back to Spain). 

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