martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

Podróż do Polski

Going from Salamanca to Bialystok is a great trip, as  my coleagues already said when they travelled  there to celebrate the 4th-transnational-meeting-poland

First, the airport. I was very lucky throughout the whole trip, as everything was on time from the very beginning up to my arrival in Bialystok.

After waiting in the airport, the flight takes around three hours and a half!

But I got to Warsaw save and sound and on time (important because a taxi was waiting for me at nine ;-)

The hotel was perfect and perfectly located, next to LAZIENKI PARK, where I went for a walk before taking the bus to Bialystok (thank you very much, Joanna!!). 

The bus departed at 12:55 from Plac Defilad, so I could take a quick picture of the Palace Of Culture and Science... And that was all for Warsaw :-(

It was nearly four o'clock when I got to my accommodation...

Right now, I am sitting at this table writing this post. Here I will spend the next couple of weeks...

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